Water Closets (Toilets) - Free Standing

Malta Free Standing Water Closets


At Magri Bathrooms you will find a varied selection of water closets (toilets) to suit any bathroom, ensuite or spare toilet.


Among the firms represented in Malta by Magri Bathroms is Azzurra SPA, which has always been one of the strongest manufacturers of bathroom sets, always keeping in line with the demands of a continually changing market and successfully adapting to the requirements of its customers with prompt and successful solutions. 


Ceramica Cleopatra's sanitary ware selection appears virtually inexhaustible, covering bathrooms from the large to the small, from the casual to the elegant. The Ceramica Cleoaptra organic shapes, modular options and print and pattern decorations will transform any space into an artistic masterpiece. 


Bath and Co, part of a business group offering more than thirty years of experience in the business, designs washbasins, sanitary wares, furniture, accessories and complements suiting the needs of a wide and diversified clientele, spread over more than 50 countries in all five continents.


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